Two good reasons to write your own resume'

Two good reasons to write your own resume'

program educationThe resume’ writing industry has been around for a long time and seems to thrive in good times and bad. Maybe it’s because resumes’ require introspection and that’s not always easy. It forces you to take a step back and analyze not only the work you’ve done but how to present it in the most appealing way possible to a prospective employer. It’s not our intention to stomp the entire industry into the ground but here are two things to think about before pulling out that credit card.

1. Expense: Basic resume’ writing service start at around $75 and can run up over $1,000 or more if you opt for all the bells and whistles. Is this a necessary expense? Surely there are better uses to which you can put that money. You are going to be an educated, accomplished professional of some sort, right? Shouldn’t you be the one to write your resume’?

2. Who knows you best: Relating to point number one, how can a complete stranger possibly do a better job presenting your story to an employer than you would yourself? It doesn’t make sense to us. You know yourself better than anyone. You’re smart and capable. Crack your knuckles, sit down at the keyboard, and get busy.

We’re not saying it’s a felony if you decide to go with a resume’ writing service, but give it some thought about whether the end result will be better than what you could do with a few hours of good, hard focus. Just our two cents worth.

The Young Wealth Team