Invest early, retire early

Invest early, retire early

There is no better time in life for investing than immediately out of college or a few years into your career. The numbers will never be more in your favor. Time is on your side and simple arithmetic can make you rich. You have two decades to save for the kids college fund and probably four decades until you retire.

Yes, we said the ?R? word. Retirement sounds so old and settled to young ears full of, well, young stuff. When you hit middle age, wouldn’t it be nice to do so with a stuffed portfolio and not still scrounging coin slots at the local laundromat for beer money?

The beauty about investing early is you don’t have to rely on spectacular returns to retire comfortably. It only takes $7,400 invested annually (beginning at age 20) at 10% to make you a millionaire in 40 years. Actually it will net you $3.26 million, which considering the under-reported government inflation rate of 3%, would allow you to live comfortably in retirement.

If you wait 10 years to start (age 30) you’re going to have to invest $20,000 annually at 10% to hit the same mark by retirement. Lesson? Save early!

The wild card in all this is the 10% yearly return on investment. We can show you a reliable, low-risk way to do better. Conventional wisdom tells you to head for the stock market. That’s a sucker’s bet. When you’re ready to learn how the quietly rich invest, head over to You don’t need huge amounts of cash but you do need to be able to unlearn much of what passes for investment advice today.

The Young Wealth Team

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