Get paid like a reality tv star!

Get paid like a reality tv star!

Have you ever been tempted to forget about investing wisely for the long haul? It seems easier, and possibly more lucrative, to become a reality television star. Let’s take a look at just how much filthy lucre gets tossed to those who make these ?unscripted? shows possible. It started in America with Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother, but quickly deteriorated into a cesspool of personal sludge.

We’re pretty sure our lives would be better having never witnessed the family dynamics of the Osbournes, the Gosselins, or the Real Housewives ? not to mention The Bachelor, etc. But just how much money do these attention whores receive?

Smarmy, asexual Ryan Seacrest is the unquestioned king of reality television. He recently signed a three year, $45 million deal to introduce American Idol contestants. Likewise, Idol judge Simon Cowell hauls in multiple millions while Paula Abdul left in a snit because she couldn’t pry more than $4 million from producers. Here are some other various tidbits.

Messed Up Families
The Osbournes (Ozzy and family) were paid $5,000 per episode the first year. Skyrocketing popularity boosted that figure close to a million by year two. Jon and Kate Gosselin were paid $75,000 per episode for their TLC show Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Hopefully, they set some aside for their kids’ therapy bills.

Other Screwballs
1.Real Housewives currently make $30,000 but are negotiating for six figures.

2.The Hills secondary characters get $45,000, while star Lauren Conrad made $2.5 million.

3.Big Brother contestants are paid $750 each week they are in the house.

4.Survivor contestants get a free trip to a tropical hellhole, an awesome weight loss program, and then win a cool million if they’re the last one standing. $100,000 goes to second place.

Ready to chuck it all and take your chances on reality television? Our advice ? don’t. If you’re looking for fortune and glory, consider that investment fortune without glory might be better than being the freak of the week.

The Young Wealth Team

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