When the endless party stops

When the endless party stops

Graduating from college is quite an achievement but it also might scare you half to death, and with good reason. It’s like stepping from the sheltered cove of the dormitory into the hurricane of real life. For many grads, it will be the first time on their own, paying bills, budgeting, building credit, beginning payments on those gargantuan student loans. It could also be the first time working a regular job and where did the party buds go?

No worries. You’ll adjust soon enough. The real worry, the one that could blindside you all the way to the poor house, could be the one you haven’t even been thinking about. Are you prepared to deal with the financial side of life as an adult? If your primary source of money education included such theory-mired classes as Statistics, Economics 101, or a random sampling of Marketing and Finance classes, we hate to be the ones to say it but “You don’t know enough!”

The first step is admitting you have a problem. Think about it. Most college business and financial curriculums are based on dusty ideas that don’t amount to a hill of beans when you’re faced with a checkbook that needs balancing. Or how about when you decide you want to be wealthy? Hopefully that decision will be reached sooner rather than later. “No thanks, I’d rather be poor for a while.” Investing would be a good idea but first you need to save money to get started and then what? Jump into the stock market and buy a good mutual fund? Umm, no. You can do better than that and we’re going to show you how to become a financial guru while the age of 30 is nothing but a distant line on the approaching horizon.

The Young Wealth Team