What the heck is a federal reserve?

What the heck is a federal reserve?

Believe us, we wish we could have lived our entire lives and never made the acquaintance of this bunch of mental midgets but, alas, modern day life in the United States could not go on without the Federal Reserve Banking System ? at least that?s what they like to think. You can break the Federal Reserve down into three parts.

1. the Board of Governors
2. the 12 Reserve banks (located around the country)
3. the Federal Open Market Committee

At this point the questions becomes, ?Do you want the REAL version of how the Federal Reserve was created or the manipulated one?? You want the manipulated one? Sigh. So boring but here it is.

(Adopted cheery tone) ?In 1913 a group of forward thinking and patriotic Americans created the Federal Reserve to insure the United States continued status as the healthiest economy in the world. And we all lived happily ever after.?

If you?re more into reality and want to listen to an excellent interview on the topic, go to www.JasonHartman.com and introduce yourself to The Creating Wealth Show with Jason Hartman. In show #84, he interviews G. Edward Griffin, author of ?The Creature from Jekyll Island.? In this book, Griffin defines and describes the banking conspiracy of the early 20th century which put into law an unholy cartel between Big Money and the Federal Government.

The party line is that Reserve Banks conduct continual research on the state of the economy, supervise banks in their region and provide financial services to private banks and the US government. The stated goal of the Federal Reserve System is to manage the nation?s money supply and keep the economy growing at a sustainable rate.

Sounds all well and good, right? A little too good if you ask us. Why not click the link up there and find out the real history of the Federal Reserve?

The Young Wealth Team