Valentine's Day for the young and penniless

Valentine's Day for the young and penniless

At Young Wealth, we?ve heard your cries, ?I spent all my money on Wii games and fast food cheeseburgers and have nothing left for my sweetie on Valentine?s Day!?

Hmm, that certainly IS a problem.

Luckily we?re here to save the day with five cheap Valentine?s Day ideas. We can?t promise these will keep your butt out of the doghouse but they?re better than nothing.

1. Dinner and a Movie, Part 2: Clich?? Certainly. That?s what love is all about. But plan this one at home with a candle-lit, home-cooked meal and a romantic comedy rental. Snuggle on the couch and watch the brownie points soar.

2. The Open Road: What?s so special about taking a drive? Everything if you use your imagination. Take your special lady to a nearby town or landmark you?ve never seen before. Re-visit special places and take pictures. There are no boring drives. Only boring people.

3. Game Night: Invite some friends and break out a classic like Monopoly or crank up the Wii and have a bowling night without choking on cigarette smoke. Don?t forget Valentine?s-themed cake and candy.

4. Night at the Museum: Cheesy Ben Stiller flicks notwithstanding, a trip to your favorite nearby hall of art or history shouldn?t cost too much. Combine this with suggestions 1,2, or 3 and make a whole day of it.

5. Insert-an-Idea: We can?t do all the work. Come up with your own offbeat, inexpensive way to show her, by gosh, she?s all right.

Happy Valentine?s Day!

The Young Wealth Team