‘Tis the season for fraud

‘Tis the season for fraud

Actually, any time of year is ripe for fraud. While you may be hopelessly single and still wet behind the ears, don?t let desperation for love lead you to fall for every money scheme that comes down the internet dating scene pike. We all like to think we?re too wary and cyber-savvy to fall for something so pedestrian but it?s happening more than once out there!

Here are a few particularly hideous schemes.

1. Fake Check Scam ? The new love of your life (whom you?ve never met in person) has a sudden problem with their bank account. They ask you to deposit a check in yours and wire them cash or otherwise send money to cover an emergency. Your answer should be, ?No, thanks!?

2. Re-Shipping ? After a similar profession of love, your paramour suddenly develops a problem with their mailing address and needs you to accept packages, then forward them. What you?re doing is receiving merchandise bought with a stolen credit card.

3. Mail Order Bride ? You meet someone on an incredible new dating site that no one has ever heard about. She accelerates the relationship until she?s ready to cross the ocean to be with you. The only fly in the ointment is there?s a hang up with her Visa or a traveling tax or some other such reason and, you guessed it, you need to send money.

Think you?d never fall for any of these or one of the dozens of other internet scams? Are you sure? Scams like these are big business. Criminals roam the same online spots where lonely hearts hang out. Don?t fall for their devious schemes. If someone asks you for money, don?t send it.

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