This one's for the ladies

This one's for the ladies

In case anyone hasn?t come right out and said it yet, ?Ladies, you don?t need a man to get rich.? Do you know of any real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash, patents, trademarks, copyrights or other investment instruments that care one iota if it?s owned by a man of woman? We can?t think of one. All they do is generate cash for whoever is smart enough to acquire them.

Get it into your head right now, hopefully as you?re starting out in the grand adventure of adult life, you CAN amass a fortune on your own just as well as a man can. Don?t accept the false limitations of your own thinking or a ?glass ceiling.? Smash that sucker and take what you want.

One would hope that in today?s world the outdated view that a woman needs a man to be financially successful would have fallen completely to the wayside. We?re pretty sure that hasn?t happened yet. There are other things a man is good for, which we needn?t get into right now. And that?s not to say a woman can?t want or desire a male life partner. Just don?t think that you need one to survive.

You don?t.

When love does come knocking at the door, you?ll be ready to contribute a healthy portfolio of your own to match that of Mr. Right and what a powerful and financially independent couple the two of you will make.

The Young Wealth Team