Paperless portfolios

Paperless portfolios

Are you still a slave to your hard copy portfolio, lugging binders, folders, and pictures with you on the job interview circuit? Here?s some advice. Stop. In this brave new cyberworld of ours, some companies have turned to online portfolio banks to scout new talent. We don?t suggest you make a beeline for the trashcan to dump all those folders. As with all technology, not everyone is an early or even middle to late term adapter.

But for those eager to make an early and positive impression on potential employers, check out the following websites:

1. Carbonmade
2. Knowledge Genie
3. Jobrary

Carbonmade allows you to post your portfolio/resume by category and skill. Use Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and more to make yourself stand out in a sea of bland. Knowledge Genie lets you track the users who visit your account and even offers the option for people to buy your work through PayPal, Google Checkout or Jobrary is a user friendly option that allows easy navigation via preview thumbnails.

These three websites are especially handy for those looking for art or graphic media oriented employment, but anyone in the job market should give it a look. Technology ain?t just for nerds any more.

The Young Wealth Team