More than a paycheck

More than a paycheck

What many young people forget to think about is whether or not the job is suited for them. Career psychologist John Holland developed a scale that describes the six general types of people and the sort of work they should consider.

Realistic – straightforward with no beating around the bush. Best fits are civil engineer, electrician, surveyor, computer support.

Investigative – questions any idea without cold, hard facts to back it up. Enjoys scientific, analytical research. Good bets are doctor, professor, librarian, or veterinarian.

Artistic – creative, imaginative, and great problem solvers. Likely jobs are in the arts, architect, editor, or graphic designer.

Social – likes to help people. Look towards nursing, psychologist, mediator, physical therapist, or social worker.

Enterprising – extroverted people who like to work with big ideas and are natural leaders. Try financial service agent, CEO, sales manager/rep, or CIS manager.

Conventional – pays attention to detail. Without these, the world would not run. Accountant, financial analyst, actuary, or technical writer (among many).

You should be able to spot yourself among these six basic personality types. You probably already have a good idea where you land on the spectrum. Matching your personality to a particular job is not a sure bet but it could help you find a satisfying life’s work rather than simply a paycheck.

Good luck!

The Young Wealth Team