Lesson #1 – ignore the hype

Lesson #1 – ignore the hype

If you spend much time listening to the bobble-heads on cable television?s business channels, you would think that the only form of investing that exists on this planet involves Wall Street stocks. For reasons we?ll go into later, Wall Street is not your best investment, if you want to consider it an investment at all. To determine why bobble-heads like Jim Cramer continually pump the latest and greatest stock you need only follow the money.

Big Business owns his show. One hand washes the other. He (and others like him) pimp for Big Business. It?s really that simple.

Here are three solid reasons we prefer real estate to the stock market:

1. You might be investing with a crook: Do names like Enron, World Comm, or Global Crossing, or Bernie Madoff ring a bell? They should. Criminal behavior on Wall Street is institutional, entrenched, and devastating to the average investor that gets blindsided by the latest scam.

2. They might be incompetent: It?s not difficult to become a stock broker. Yours might unintentionally cost you a fortune. Maintain control over your investments!

3. Administrative fees: Another reason we say maintain direct control over your investments is you don?t need someone else to manage your deals or make your investments for you. The entire stock market game is built on management fees paid to brokers that come straight out of your profit.

So ignore the hype on television. It?s nothing more than flash and misdirection. Stay tuned and we?ll demonstrate why we love real estate, proven the best investment in history, and why you?re never too young to start.

The Young Wealth Team