Best/worst jobs for 2010

Best/worst jobs for 2010

You go into a list like this with the assumption that a great job depends entirely upon receiving great pay, and a bad job means you don?t earn squat. At some point in life, you learn it?s not always that black and white but, for now, we?ll ignore the gray area and tell you where the money?s at (and not) for this year.

Best Jobs
1. Anesthesiologist ($292,000) ? Here?s a high stress job that pays big bucks. Surgical deaths in the United States have dropped from two per 10,000 in 1980 to one in 200,000 today. Get ready for 12 years of study.

2. Obstetrican/Gynecologist ($222,000) ? This high demand profession is short on doctors. Nosebleed malpractice insurance premiums contribute to the lofty salary.

3. Psychiatrist ($177,000) ? One of the few mental health professionals who can prescribe medicines, conduct physicals, and order/interpret lab tests. In a nation full of stressed citizens, the brain doctor is king.

4. Others ? nurse anesthetist, sales director, actuary, finance director, software architect, lawyer, and insurance broker.

Worst Jobs
1. Food prep and wait staff ($17,400)
2. Fast food cooks ($17,620)
3. Dishwashers ($17,750)
4. Others ? dining room/bartender helpers, shampooers, cafeteria and coffee shop counter attendants, restaurant hostesses, cashiers, amusement and recreation staff, ushers and ticket takers.

At Young Wealth, we believe all work is of value but, everything else being equal, why not prepare yourself to be as valuable as possible?

The Young Wealth Team