Beer money or investing?

Beer money or investing?

iStock_000010594663Small Yes NoPerhaps nothing takes the thrill out of your investment plan more than to actually start investing; to be more accurate, to do the appropriate research in choosing your investment path from among thousands of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment options. At Young Wealth, we invest primarily in real estate and can prove why it’s the best choice but, early in your career, the quickest way to get started could be what is called a Target Date Fund.

By the way, if you don’t have time to do research necessary to insure your future financial security, we’d like to ask you to hold your left hand up, reach over with your right hand and slap it smartly. Come on! What’s more important than that?

Moving on.

A Target Date Fund (TDF) is a mutual fund designed to meet the “average” investment objectives of a person your age. The portfolio adjusts over time to coincide with the “average” investor of a certain age. Obviously, a TDF cannot take into account your specific life situation, but investing in a TDF is better than spending all your excess cash down at the pool hall or on happy hour drinks at the local pub. Most mutual fund companies can set these up for you, even including automatic monthly withdrawal from your bank account.

A TDF is excessively easy to setup and maintain. If you’re having a hard time getting started with an investment plan, check it out.

The Young Wealth Team