Are you ready to marry his/her spending habits?

Are you ready to marry his/her spending habits?

It?s true that some recent graduates pick this time right after school to get married. While this is obviously a deranged decision at this early juncture in life, we?ll save the discussion about that for another day. For now, let?s talk about spending habits. When you say ?I do? you?re also marrying the spending habits of that lovable little scamp.

Problem is, most people don?t talk about financial habits before marriage. Should it then be a surprise to anyone that money matters are one of the biggest problems in marriage?

(For him) Come on, he?s used to spending at least $100 a week on new video game release. You think that?s excessive? What are you, some kind of ascetic?

(For her) That $100 bottle of skin conditioner is not optional. It?s a freakin? necessity, thank you very much.

Face it. We?re different. We should talk about certain stuff before getting hitched. Have you?

1. Discussed long and short-term financial goals.

2. Implemented a plan to structure household finances.

3. Decided how to divide up money management.

4. Established a realistic budget.

5. Know how much debt the spouse brings to the union.

Of course, this list could fill a volume of encyclopedias but it all comes down to this; are you aware of, and more importantly, comfortable with your soon-to-be partner?s money personality? If so, then you may kiss the bride or groom.

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