What is financial success anyway?

What is financial success anyway?

be differentIs Bill Gates financially successful? Uh, yeah Captain Obvious, most people would give an unqualified “Yes!” answer to that statement. But do you have to have access to billions of dollars to qualify as financially successful? Maybe. The truth is every person is going to have to answer that question for themselves.

To some, only a Bill Gates type fortune is acceptable. For others, we can lower the bar a bit and phrase it something like:

“A comfortable feeling that your financial resources will be adequate to fulfill any needs you have as well as most of your wants.”

Are you looking to have a nest egg saved and invested and absence of debt? More? Less? Whatever the ultimate answer is, only YOU can define it. The Jason Hartman Foundation believes you need to have some idea of where you’re going before you start off. If you’re just finishing school or find yourself in the early stages of real-worldism, take a moment and think about what financial success means to you. Seriously. Get a cool beverage, an adult beverage if you must and are of legal age in your state, then sit down and think about it.

One thing we can say with almost complete certainty. If you haven’t taken the time to define financial success, how the bloody heck are you ever going to know when you get there?

Just our opinion.

The Young Wealth Team