Solution to boring job – “I quit!” money

Solution to boring job – “I quit!” money

The end of high school or college usually ushers in the era of working in the Adult World, which is likely to elicit a heartfelt “Yuck” from soon-to-be graduates. We all know what comes next – a boring job in a cubicle, wearing a tie, generating TPS reports.

It doesn’t have to be that way, kiddies. Not if you get started early saving and investing for your “I quit!” money.

“I quit!” money is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when you reach the point in life that your investments generate enough income all by themselves to live on without the hideous 9 to 5 routine. Start saving early, get educated financially (not with a degree – you need to know what actually works), stick to it, and that magical “I quit!” yelp might come along sooner than you think. So, it’s not necessary to hate and dread the adult world of work. It’s not worth slinging burgers at Mickey D’s until there are no cows left just to avoid it.

At the Jason Hartman Foundation and through the increasingly popular Young Wealth Show, we’re going to keep preaching the financial gospel until every young person hears and realizes that financial independence definitely is within reach of everyone who takes the right action. Say you just turned 20. Put your nose to the grindstone and get serious with your investing. You could be saying “Say long, adult job!” by the time you hit 30, maybe sooner.

Sound good?

We thought so.

The Young Wealth Team